About Us

DIVO is a creative production house specializing in film, visual effects, colour grading, compositing, Virtual Reality, DCP's and distribution for the advertising, movie and television industries.

We have been a part of the Danish and international film and television industry for the past 20 years, where we have handled production, post production and localizing of both small and large scale productions for both television and theatrical release. We also do commercials and corporate videos for both Danish and international clients.


We produce commercials, feature films, corporate videos, explainers, videoes for internet and social media, jumbotrons, stage visuals and everything else between heaven and earth.

Motion Graphics and VFX

This was where we started and this area means a lot to us. We have created Motion Graphics and VFX for all domestic networks in Denmark as well as several Hollywood Studios.

Colour Grading

Colour Grading is one the many tweaks that will have the greatest impact on your feature. It is one of the "invisible" processes that can help lift your feature film from good to amazing.

Virtual Reality

We create solutions in Virtual Reality for large as well as small scale projects. This media is still fairly new and the possibilities are many. We are ready to help thoughout the many phases of your project.


We are highly specialised in production and QC og DCP's. We have been along since the very beginning of Digital Cinema, and delivered the very first Danish feature film on DCP. We also handle localizing of content for many of the Hollywood studios.


In cooperation with Eclair, we have built a delivery network encompassing all Danish cinemas. Through this network we can deliver feature films and trailers directly to the cinemas via broadband.